Welcome to the World of Slitherz!

Slitherz (working title) is a fast-paced arcade snake game.

Aim to get the highest score by killing snakes, eating food and picking up power-ups along the way.

This project is currently in development - we are open to 

About the Developers

SriNavin Nair

Aka ZenCoder (http://www.srinavinnair.com) is a professional game programmer and has worked in a bunch of startups helping them get off the ground. His passion for indie games and game development has driven him to explore AI, networking, core gameplay systems and tools for a bunch of indie projects.

Ajay Karat

UX designer, animator and avid indie gamer. The creator of http://www.devilsgarage.com and a itch.io community developer


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One of the first game's I've played today that had a decent premise and i could control. Some polish and this could be a good game!