Welcome to the twisted world of Anti Chess.

Anti Chess is one of the most popular variant of chess. The objective of the game is for each player to lose all their pieces. This game supports one player, where you play against a computer AI. It also supports two players (local PVP) mode.


Fun, cute characters and exciting sound effects Competitive Computer AI to challenge every time.  Play local Player-vs-player with a friend Don't know how to get started? Try the simplified tutorial.

How to play?

The aim of the Anti Chess is to sacrifice your pieces. The game is setup on a chess board in the same order as traditional chess and plays the same way too, but with a few interesting rules :

  1. When a player's piece is in a position to kill the opponents' piece, the player has to commit that move.
  2. The game is over when one of the player has all of their pieces killed
  3. The game is not over if the King is killed. There is no checkmate in Anti Chess
  4. There is no castling
  5. When a pawn reaches the end of the board, it gets promoted to a Queen
  6. If there is a situation where no player can make any more moves, the player with the lesser number of chess pieces wins the game.

Mobile Platform

Anti Chess iOS | Anti Chess Google Play Store | Anti Chess Amazon

About the Developers

SriNavin Nair

Aka ZenCoder (http://www.srinavinnair.com) is a professional game programmer and has worked in a bunch of startups helping them get off the ground. His passion for indie games and game development has driven him to explore AI, networking, core gameplay systems and tools for a bunch of indie projects.

Ajay Karat

UX designer, animator and avid indie gamer. The creator of http://www.devilsgarage.com and a itch.io community developer

Janice Kim

Graphic designer and artist from Southern California. When not working, She play video games, watch science fiction films, and bake sweets.

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AuthorTwo Rogue Games
Made withUnity
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Nice look and feel, with fun mechanics. Very nice.

What an interesting twist on chess! got to rethink all my strategies haha great work!

A 32bit build, please? :P